Online Resources for Self-Studying Chinese

Amazingly Helpful Websites for Studying Chinese:

Laowai Chinese 老外中文 and Two blogs with incredibly helpful hints and strategies on how-to-learn Chinese. Lots of information here on every aspect of the precess: tonality, characters, methods.

chinadialogue – china and the environment There are both Chinese and English translations of every article- great for learners to dissect.

小孩 Easy to read cartoons. Beginner level.

FluentU Listening and comprehension at all levels.

Other Websites that are Worth of Checking out:

ChineseSkill This is an awesome iOS/Android app similar to Duolingo but with many great tools that really distinguishes itself. The course is well designed and also includes some great features to review and practice, as well as a survival kit which is excellent if you are traveling, or just want to learn useful survival language. Excellent for beginners and even good for intermediate 

Memrise An iOS/Android app that’s more focused on vocabulary training. Much more entertaining than typical flashcards, so this is a great tool to review vocabulary.

DigMandarin and  are also good choices!

Just In Case You Need More:

Pimsleur audio an expensive yet effective system. You can find the CDs second-hand sometimes (try ebay).

Chinese popup dictionary. If you use Firefox or Chrome then get PeraPera or Zhongwen dictionary extensions. You can then “mouse over” words for translation.

Top begin: Try using Chinese media (as mentioned above) to increase your familiarity with the language.

FluentFlix: Learn Chinese vocabulary with Youtube videos.

ChinaSmack: Up-to-date information on the happenings in Chinese social media.

ChinaDialouge: Hard news about the economy, the environment, and urbanization in China.