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Trusted by hundreds of New Yorkers. You’re only one click away.

Dr. Alexander Görlach has been learning Chinese with us since early 2019.


Wo ai ni.

我 爱 你。

Now, you know how to say

I love you

in Chinese.


See, learning is happening.

Why are we so different?


Not Just a 5-Star Rating on Yelp. And, Google.



Distance and time won't be your excuses anymore. 


Accessible Location

Yes, even for those who live in Jersey.

To make your commute more comfortable, we're based in a very convenient location in Financial District, Manhattan. No matter where you're located in New York, distance won't be a problem anymore.

Open Late

We're just like you; a night owl.

The CUBE won't close till 10 pm, and we're open every day. No matter how late you get off work, time is all you've got now. Just come and get some late-night "Chinese".

Flexible Schedule

Even more flexible than gymnasts.

It's you who will choose when to learn Chinese and when to chill. After you have purchased a class package, we'll contact you shortly and discuss what time suits you best. You may also leave a message to tell us what the best times are.


In da cube, money is the least thing you need to worry about.


Affordable Prices

Starting from $45 per class.

If you choose our 60-class package, the price is $45 for one class. You can always choose our other packages, and they're equally affordable. 

To give you a better understanding on affordability, here are some references:

  1. A three-credit Chinese course at a private university will cost you around $4,110.

  2. A private Chinese tutor usually charges $70 - $90 for an hour.

  3. A 60-minute massage in Chinatown will cost you at least $45 and minimum $10 tips.

30-Minute Free Trial Lesson

Please come and make us "suffer" by not paying us.

Teaching is all about joy and passion. Teachers from Indacube will be more than happy to share their expertise with you. Just come and take your free 30-minute Chinese lesson.

Bring a friend. Yep, your dog counts.

No Hidden Fees

No, not at all.

Many Chinese language schools will charge you a "matriculation fee" once you're enrolled. We don't have any such thing here. We also don't charge any "material fees". Everything is transparent at Indacube. 

We buy our books from Amazon. So should you.


This is what sets us apart from other schools.


Small Class Size

Private or Semi-Private. The size couldn't be smaller.

Learning Chinese is different than learning math, chess, coding and many other subjects. Mathematicians can study math on their own for months and years, but a language learner should never be like that. One cannot acquire a new language without sufficient exposure and practices to that language.

Indacube will make sure every student gets the most attention from our teachers and gain extensive input and output in Mandarin Chinese. 

Individualized Lessons 

Now you're going to "teach" us about you.

Some people start learning Chinese from scratch, and some may already be experts in Chinese. Some need Chinese for business, school or travel. No matter what you're looking for and what your level is, come in and tell us your needs, and we will take care of the rest. 

Friendly Learning Experience

A place where differences converge.

Indacube is a place where your opinions and needs are included; a place where opportunities and participation are extended, both inside the classroom, and in the community; a place where different cultures and life skills are promoted. Indacube is the place where you start.