Sample Day



  • Students arrive the location and meet at common area. 
  • Get ready.


  • Morning announcements.
  • Icebreakers.
  • Team-building activities.


  • Split into course groups depending on students' language levels.
  • Breaks are taken at the discretion of each instructor. Younger students will take more frequent breaks.
  • Students will do some movements on GONoodle during the break.

Lunch 12-1pm

  • Head to dining space.


  • Reading time.
  • Teachers will read Chinese stories out aloud, and students can also read independently. We offer Chinese books at different levels.


  • Activity time.
  • We offer many summer class activities that vary by week and location. Beyond language skill development, students will socialize, make friends, and have fun. Activities are but not limited: Calligraphy, Basic Cooking, Music, LEGO, Origami, Yoga, Character Spelling, TPR Activity.


  • Return to the common area.
  • Talk-and-Share.
  • Wrap-up your projects for the day.


  • Pick-up time for Day campers at the common area.
  • Pick-up flex hours are between 4–5pm, at no extra charge.