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Located in Tang Jia Wan, Zhuhai, an area renowned for its profound history and beautiful landscape, the School of International Studies (SIS) is one of the six schools situated on Zhuhai campus of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU).

Since its founding in 2005, SIS has aimed to cultivate students with “bilingual proficiency, practical skills and global thinking”, and therefore has developed a teaching pattern of “multilingual education and extensive international exchanges”.


Summer Schools

In the summer of 2016, the School of International Studies at Sun Yat-sen University, held a Chinese language and culture summer camp with global partner universities. The Summer Camp was designed to help students from our global partners to intensify their Chinese language competence and performance within a short period of time, while extending and enriching their understanding of Chinese culture. Students who participated in this camp were undergraduate and postgraduate students from our global partners. 


Chinese Language Programs

SIS actively admits international students from many parts of the world. In March 2008, the first cohort of international students received Chinese language courses provided by the Department of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, making SIS the only school that offers systematic Chinese language courses for foreign students on Zhuhai campus.

The Chinese language courses fall into two categories of language and culture, with priority given to the teaching of practical language knowledge. We also pay special attention to improving foreign students’ skills in Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing as well as their cross-cultural competence.