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Summer Camp in Shanghai

Application fee $25

Study in College

Application fee $125

Indacube has partnered up with Silk Mandarin to offer study abroad program to young adults.

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule

This three-week camp for students age 13-17 is specially programmed to leave an impactful impression on teens, one in which they will cherish for the rest of their lives. The Summer Camp is fully immersive. Campers will get to know every aspect of China from within, including the opportunity to improve their Chinese language skills while experiencing the culture firsthand, as well as make lifelong friends with teens from China and abroad.

In the first two weeks, campers will stay at a brand new Jiaotong University Campus in Shanghai, equipped with all amenities such as a bowling alley, swimming pool, and movie theater. During the last week, campers will take the high-speed rail to the world-famous Dengfeng Kungfu Academy and study Shaolin martial arts.

Full time three-week program tuition: 4,090 USD/24,950 RMB

To apply, please email: