Listen to Them

Direct quotes from our students.

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"Excellent teacher, professional and funny! A pleasure to learn Chinese with him! Also, the environment is just perfect!"


"So it was great to learn the foundations of how the language is spoken in terms of just statements, sounds, and tones (that can be turned into questions), and what the characters mean. (I'm slightly dyslexic so sitting and listening, without bold visuals has always been a problem for me, but since I picked up so many things about the language in your class, you should know that you're doing a great job.)"


"Patient instructor, great clean space for learning (free coffee and beer too) and the classes are held in a convenient part of the city close to several train lines. Classes are effective and encourage participation. Can't wait to attend more classes in the future!"


"The teacher at this school has an impressive ability to explain Mandarin and knows how to encourage you to improve your skills."


"The instructor is amazing! Very patient, enthusiastic, and is truly invested in your learning experience. My best friend and I are currently taking a beginner level Mandarin class there and so far, it has been fun and effective. Plus, the space is so nice and offers free drinks :) I am so excited to continue learning and take part in future lessons."


"Thank you Mr. Zhou for teaching us basic Mandarin class in a nice conference room setup with free coffee.  That is a price of admission right there.  I enjoy his style of teaching.  Learning Mandarin is not easy.  I had been trying to listen and speak for a while and never pick up on it.  So I want to take it more seriously since I struggle with this language so much and I want to learn to speak correctly and able to hear correctly as well. Excellent instructor."