It's a funny name. 

That's what my friends told me.


Naming a business is hard. You don't want a newborn baby to have an awkward name. On the other hand, you want that name to be blessed; you want that name to be impressive; you want that name to last eternally. 

While I was looking for a room for the baby, I found that WeWork could be an ideal place where I could get almost everything I needed for nurturing the baby. The WeWork office became our incubator for the baby.

Several days later, on a beautiful Sunday morning, an idea somehow came into my mind. I said to myself, now that I will be working in a cubed-shaped office, I could just name the baby "in da cube". I named the business Indacube that morning, and the name brightened my whole day.  

After a few days, when I was opening my business account at Chase bank, a private banker, Rosemary, told me "in da cube" sounds really Brooklynese because people in Brooklyn often replace the "the" sound with "da". 

Her warm words made me like the name even more.