Experience like a local.

See the world differently. Discover rustic, authentic and unspoiled gems. We connect travellers to local hosts in Beijing, China. Do what the locals do, eat where they eat and experience the realness of the place you're visiting.


Why homestay?

True Value

Offering quality and affordability, homestay is a great value accommodation option for people of all ages to experience.

Real Connections

Whatever your reason for travel, you'll find the perfect host family. Get to know each other before staying with our video call and instant messaging features.


What you will get

You will have a private room with a comfortable bed. All utilities will be included. And, of course, there's AC and Wifi.



What you need to contribute

Teach. That's the only thing you need to do while staying at a host home. There has to be at least 10-hour teaching time during each week. Beside that, we ask no more.