Do we only teach Chinese?

Yes, for now. We're now focusing on teaching Mandarin Chinese, and we have been pondering every possible way to better your learning. We believe this experience can be replicated in teaching other languages as well. If you happen to be a language teacher and a language enthusiast, talk to us, and let's build the future together.    

What's our ultimate goal?

Not only are we going to teach more languages, but we will also expand to other fields, such as math, arts and so much more. We want to provide opportunities for anyone who desires to learn. We hope that as long as people want to learn, they will have the opportunity, and our job is to fulfill their needs. Again, learning should happen anytime and anywhere. 

Are we worth investing in? 

Education is gold. According to many studies, whenever there's an economic recession, people tend to invest more money on themselves to improve their skills. In this sense, the needs for education is indeed similar to the needs for gold. Sadly, money only goes to Wall Street (ironically, we're located in FiDi), not schools, no matter if it's good times or bad times. If you're a wise investor, it's time to go back to "school".