Want to get yourself fully immersed in Chinese culture?

What could be more memorable than joining our Chinese calligraphy program?

Chinese Calligraphy Program


What You Will Learn

  • Basic Chinese strokes

  • Introduction to the art of Chinese Calligraphy

  • How to hold a Chinese calligraphy brush

  • Order of writing Chinese characters

  • Numbers in Chinese

What You Will Do

  • You will practice basic strokes

  • You will write 2-3 Chinese characters

  • You will learn how to write from one to ten in Chinese

  • You will write some lucky sayings in Chinese

What You Will Take Home

  • Student work

  • Your practice paper

  • Our teacher’s work (additional charge)

What We Provide

  • Award-winning calligraphy teacher & teaching assistant

  • All writing materials


  • Email: info@indacube.com

  • Text: 646-826-9960