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Indacube teaching methodologies are based on rapid progress through personalized study. You and your co-workers will advance one language level in a short amount of time thanks to our combination of classroom lessons, interactive teacher-student conversation, and cultural immersion.

Our business Chinese language training program is a highly communicative course focusing on the language needed in different language situations. Our experienced and professional teachers will help you and your organization improve communication skills and strengthen business presence.

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Quick Look

Ideal for: Students wanting to learn Mandarin Chinese as quickly as possible for business or professional development. 

Class Population: 4-8 students

Lesson Duration: 45/60/90 minutes per lesson

Level: Beginner - Advanced


  • Detailed training needs analysis and tailored course design

  • Exclusive cultural events invites

  • Free gift upon sign-up

  • Flexible scheduling designed to your company's training needs

  • Corporate pricing policy depending on class size

  • Flexible teaching location (Transportation fees might apply)

  • Customized calligraphy work at a discount rate