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Professionals need professionals.

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Indacube teaching methodologies are based on rapid progress through personalized study. You will advance one language level in a short amount of time thanks to our combination of classroom lessons, interactive teacher-student conversation, and cultural immersion.

Our business Chinese language training program is a highly communicative course focusing on the language needed in different language situations. Our experienced and professional teachers will help you and your company improve communication skills and develop confidence.




Business Chinese Course

Designed for Working Professionals

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20-Class Course


Intensive course is the fastest way to learn a language. Whether you need general or specialized language, this course is designed for your needs and adapted to your rate of progress.

It is the perfect option if you have specific targets or limited time. It is particularly convenient for professionals and executives preparing for a trip abroad, or negotiations and presentations in a foreign language.

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40-Class Course


This course combines general grammar and skills development with an in-depth focus on the language of business.

The small, intensive group provides the ideal opportunity to practice negotiation, presentation and meeting skills in a realistic situation.

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60-Class Course


For people with special aims which must be met in a short space of time. Requiring just one week away from the office, this course is ideal for busy professionals and executives who need to prepare for presentations and meetings in a foreign language.

Intercultural awareness is important in global business and communication. The international mix of our courses and experience of our teachers provides the perfect forum in which to gain this valuable knowledge.


Quick Look

Ideal for: Students wanting to learn Mandarin Chinese as quickly as possible for business or professional development. 

Class Population: 4-8 students

Lesson Duration: 45 minutes per lesson

Level: Beginner - Advanced



  • Detailed training needs analysis and tailored course design

  • Flexible scheduling designed to your company's training needs

  • Corporate pricing policy depending on class size

  • Flexible teaching location (Transportation Fees might be added)