Colloquial Chinese Words that Your Teacher Won't Teach You in Class 002

[Survival Words]

咋 zǎ

咋 (zǎ) = 怎么 

Whenever you use 怎么, you can replace it with 咋. 咋 was and still is widely and commonly used by farmers and people who live in the countryside. Today, Chinese people just use this word for casually asking "how". Tip: don't overuse it but use it sometimes. You will impress your Chinese friends.


nǐ zǎ zhè yàng ne?
How come you're like this?

zǎ chī?
How to eat?

zǎ qù?
How to get there?

俺 ǎn

Similar to 咋 (za), 俺 (an) was commonly used by people who live in the country, while for the metropolitan people, they usually use "wo" for me/I. However, this boundary has been blurred for decades. Today, people just use 俺 (an) casually to replace "wo". Nevertheless, don't overuse it. Chinese people usually use it with their close friends and family. In most situations, use "wo". 


zhè shì ǎn de
This is mine.

ǎn bú yào
I don't need/want it.