Chinese Words that Your Teacher Won't Teach You in Class 001

[Survival Words]
The reason they are called "survival words" is because they're frequently used in Mandarin Chinese, and you might find them very easy to use in many conservational situations. However, many textbooks fail to teach the Chinese words that Chinese people are actually using. 

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Rude ways to say "no"

  1. 没门儿 No Way

  2. 想都别想 Don't even think about it.

If someone is behaving very rude, you might consider using these expressions. Otherwise, it may not be wise to use these to your friends.

Ways to show gratitude

  1. 您辛苦了。Literally, it means "you must be tired", but it functions like "thank you".

  2. 感激不尽。Much appreciated.

  3. 太谢谢您了。Thank you so much.

Asking for clarification

  1. 对不起,你可以再说一遍吗?Sorry, could you say that again?

  2. 对不起,我没听清。Sorry, I didn't hear it.