Youtube Channels for Learning Chinese

Youtube Channels for Learning Chinese

Learning should happen anytime and anywhere. With the help of many dedicated Youtubers, the experience of learning Chinese has been made more accessible, understandable and of course interesting. Let's meet some of the amazing Youtubers now!

Learn Chinese Now

This is the Channel both Chinese learners and teachers don't want to miss. Ben Hedges (郝毅博), an English dude who knows more Chinese than Chinse, has made many language points much clearer and less annoying through his lucid and extensive explanations. 

You may also want to check his other Youtube Channel, which is equally fun. 

MVS Mandarin

Nothing much to say. Teacher Chen (陈老师) is just the type of Chinese teacher I want for my Chinese class. Her videos are usually very concise and she can make opaque Chinese grammar crystal clear. 

Mister Tian Chinese

Designed for beginners, his videos are super short and intense. If you can follow with his video updates, you might be able to pick up Chinese really quick. The best part is you can also find him on Instagram @mistertian and watch his less-than-one-minute Chinese lessons.


The Youtuber Fiona Tian is half British, half Taiwanese, who speak 3 languages fluently. Her videos are easy, simple and interesting to follow. What I personally like her the most is she keeps updating her channel very frequently. 


ChinesePod is an online learning platform for learning Mandarin Chinese, and it's a collaborative work by many teachers.