How to Say Happy Chinese New Year in Chinese?


Happy Year of the Rooster! One of the customs of celebrating Chinese New Year is that you need give a lot of blessing to your friends and family by saying words consisting of prosperous and auspicious meanings.

Here are some of the 吉利话 jilihua or words of good omen that you can say to Chinese people.

新年快乐 xinnian kuaile & 新年好 xinnian hao They're the most commonly used greetings! Xinnian means new year, and kuaile means happy. So 新年快乐 xinnian kuaile is Happy New Year. 好 hao means good!新年好 xinnian hao is another way to say 新年快乐 xinnian kuaile

恭喜发财 gongxi facai You may have heard the Cantonese version of this one, gong hey fat choi. It means wish you will have a great fortune. Gongxi means to wish and facai means to make a great fortune. Children can get red packets hongbao if they say this to their family. 

万事如意 wanshi ruyi Wish everything goes your way! Shi means things. Wanshi means tens of thousands of things and ruyi means as one wishes. 

心想事成 xinxiang shicheng Whatever you wish for will come true. 心 xin means heart. The character itself looks like a heart! 想 xiang means to think or to wish for. You may notice that the character "心" also appears in the bottom part of the character 想. Chinese people think with their heart. 事 shi means things happen in your life, as in wanshi ruyi, and 成 cheng means success. Therefore xinxiang shicheng all together means whatever you wish for will come true. Isn't that wonderful?

Now, try to say some Chinese jilihua to your Chinese-speaking friends! Wish you all have a happy new year!