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Gei wo yong bao!

Mr. Cheese, from Hoboken, a chess teacher, also a hug enthusiast, loves mass-producing "give me a hug" in Chinese.

Wo xihuan xuexi hanyu.

Cee D., from Jamaica, a security analyst, is planning to start her cross cultural learning center in China, finishing her "I like learning Chinese" sentence.


About Us

How We Become the Fastest Growing Language School in New York City


That's a big word, not only in size, but in meaning too. That's also the word inspiring thousands and thousands of visionaries; the word we aspire to achieve; the word, for so many years, that has been forgotten by teachers, learners, parents, schools, and policy makers. Yet, we're not forgetting.  



It's a funny name. That's what my friends told me. Agreed. Naming a business is hard. You don't want a newborn baby to have an awkward name. On the other hand...



You don't have to learn a new language. It's just better to. Today, millions of people are benefitting from speaking another language, whether for their work, study or personal life...



In 2016, we started Indacube and we didn't know we're this cool before we started. In 2017, we moved into an office in Wall Street area. We might start small but we dream big...